Bill Brandt catalogue from exhibition at Hayward Gallery April 1970

I’ve been really interested in old gallery and museum catalogues. My latest is a Bill Brandt catalogue from the Hayward Gallery in London. Brandt is one of my favorite photographers and I really like the effect of the yellowing of the pages that the photographs are printed on. It’s also interesting to see what images are chosen to be included in the catalogue (versus what might be exhibited today). I found this at the Strand.

from Perspective of Nudes, Plate 72, 1959

Evening in Kew Gardens, 1932

Tic-tac men at Ascot Races, 1932

Palourmaid and under-parlourmaid ready to serve dinner, 1933

Bedroom in West Ham, 1936

Edith and Osbert Sitwell beneath the family group by Sargent, Renishaw Hall, Yorkshire, 1945

Deserted street in Bloomsbury, 1941

Gull’s nest, late on mid-summer night, Isle of Skye, 1947

Robert Graves in his cottage at Churston, Devon, 1941

Jean DuBuffet, 1960

from Perspective of Nudes, Plate 41, 1953

from Perspective of Nudes, Plate 33, 1953

Bill Brandt self portrait, 1965

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