Admin Features

On this page we'll give you a quick insight in the major parts of the admin that comes with themes from plusquare. These parts are the template customizer, the page builder, the slider builder and the way gallery/portfolio items are arranged.

Template customizer

With the template customizer it is possible to change general settings on Essenza. It lets you change global settings like colors, fonts and translations as well as individual settings as enabling/disabling a footer, smooth scrolling, site border and shadings. Besides that, there are some special features like importing demo content from both the light and dark demo, changing the logo, implement Google Analytics, etc.


The page builder really makes it SUPER easy to create pages anyway you would like. This pagebuilder is available in regular pages as well as in blog posts, making all kinds of looks for your blog posts possible. Furthermore, modules available in the pagebuilder are also available to create unique sidebars for every page and insert content in accordions and toggle boxes for example. The only thing you have to do is drag and drop modules on the canvas and set the text, images, link to external feeds, etc. Publish and presto!


Now this is something even more special! Not only is it a visual builder, meaning that you can drag, drop, scale and swap elements on the stage; also we took great care in enabling a good visual experience in fullscreen mode from your phone to a 26" desktop. Some unique settings allow you to adjust how an element scales and positions on different screen sizes, ensuring an optimal display of all content. To top it all off, a Ken Burns effect is enabled for backgrounds making the look of slides extra unique!

Drag&drop portfolio and gallery management

Like all other parts of the admin, we have made managing your portfolio and gallery pages as visual as possible. Every item has its own thumbnail that you can drag around and drop in the desired spot setting the order of your items. Based on different categories that these items belong to, it is possible to create an unlimited amount of different portfolios, galleries and blogs within Essenza!

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